Three Useful Tips for Chartering a Plane in Australia

Chartered flights are the real deal; no security queues, scans, shoe removal, connecting flights or seat assignments.

However, finding the right charter option is much more than a financial decision. It’s about finding an operator that meets your goals while considering your expectations on every turn.

Whether you’re looking to save time, or enjoy a long trip with friends, here is an evaluating approach, that will help you get the best out of a chartered plane.

Is the Operator Credible?

The first thing you want to do, before jumping on a private plane, is to undertake a thorough background check on the operator. Here, you are looking at their safety record, available features, pricing, and reviews. But, bear in mind, that pricing depends on aircraft availability, your location, and the distance between your A and B.

Aircraft Maintenance Record

One thing is real; a plane is as good as its last maintenance. And the best way to confirm if an operator keeps their birds in good shape is checking for Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) clearance. That, coupled with the safety record, should tell you if the operator is worth your time or not.

Customer Experience

What are the other clients saying about the operator? Do they offer value for money? Or are they just ripping off clients?

Part of the reason why most people go for chartered flights is to look for better experiences. That includes luxurious lounges, full-size bathrooms, dedicated bedrooms, full-service kitchens, conference facilities, and outstanding interior décor. That, coupled with the first-class service, creates the ultimate private flight experience.