Don’t Miss out on Australia’s Major Events

The one thing that no one will ever say about Australia is that it is a boring place to visit. It is far from that, because there is always some major event taking place , bringing pleasure and entertainment both to the residents here as well as to the visitors. In order not to miss any of them, the vacationer would do well to get acquainted with a few. Some of them are so popular that tourists like to plan their vacation dates around them. There isn’t a month that goes by without some exciting event taking place in Oz

A Year’s Full of Exciting Australian Events

  • January: Australia Day
  • February: Adelaide Fringe Festival
  • March: Australian Grand Prix
  • April: Melbourne Comedy Festival
  • May: Australian Fashion Week
  • June: Good Food Month (a festival that is held in a different city each month)
  • July: Lions International Camel Cup
  • August: Henly-On-Todd Regatta
  • September: Floriade
  • October: Melbourne Fringe Festival
  • November: Melbourne Cup
  • December: Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

The great thing about these major events is that many of them last for several days or even weeks. For example, the Good Food Month is held in a different city each month. So if you miss it in the city you are visiting, you have a chance to go see it in elsewhere.

Most Exciting Sporting Events

Every sports event in Australia is considered exciting because this is a country that is high on sports. Both the residents and many of the visitors here put a lot of emphasis on the importance sports have to them. Some of the major events that Ozzies look forward to and that tourists will plan their visit around are:

  • Australian Open
  • Formula One Australian Grand Prix
  • NRL State of Origin
  • Bledisloe Cup
  • AFL Grand Final
  • Spring Racing Carnaval
  • The Ashes Cricket

It is easy to see that there is no shortage of exciting events of all kinds taking place.